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Monday, November 28, 2011

Dream For Beautiful Tomorrow

If winter has closed the door of your house and mountains of snow have besieged you in all directions, then look forward to the coming of spring and open your windows to a breath of fresh air. Look far ahead, and see the flocks of birds starting to sing again.

Do not try to look at what happened yesterday and what you lost, for in life, when a leaf falls it will never come back, but with each new spring new leaves will grow. Look at the canopy of leaves between you and the sky, and forget about the leaves that have fallen to the ground and have become part of the earth.

Since the past is past, you have today ahead of you, and if today is going to gather its leaves and depart, then you have tomorrow. Do not grieve for yesterday, for it will never return. Do not regret today, for it is leaving. Dream, instead, about the shining sun in beautiful tomorrow.

"Glory is not granted except to those who always dreamed of it."

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