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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Good Deed That Is Not Accepted

Asma'i related: "I was with a man from the inhabitants of Sham (Syria) and was attempting to appease him in a certain manner when a

vendor with a bucketful of pomegranates passed by. To my surprise, my companion who was of the noble aristocrats of Sham quickly

snatched a pomegranate and slipped it into his sleeve. I could not believe what my eyes had witnessed, until we happened upon a

beggar. This man from Sham retrieved the hidden pomegranate from his sleeve and handed it to the beggar. I questioned him about

this strange action." He replied, "Do you not understand that taking the pomegranate was one evil deed and giving it to the beggar

equated to ten good deeds?" Asma'i responded,

"Do you know that the taking of it was an evil action and the good of giving it was not accepted of you because it was Haram."

(from Gems and Jewls by Abdul Malik Mujahid)

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