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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Points To Help You Find Happiness

Avarice and greed are fatal, and their remedy lies in the following:

1. Economy in spending, for the one who spends a great deal will never be content, rather he will be overwhelmed by avarice and greed.

Economy in spending is the basis of contentment. As the saying goes: Good management will save you half of your wealth.
2. Do not worry too much about the future, and try to focus your wishes on the short term, having faith that whatever has been decreed

for you will reach you.
3. Fearing Allah, the Almighty, for Allah says: "... And whosoever fears Allah (and keeps his duty to Him), He will make a way out for

him (from every difficulty). And He will provide him from sources he never could imagine..."(65: 2-3)
4. Realizing what contentment brings of pride in being independent of means, and what greed and avarice bring of humiliation - and

learning lessons from both.
5. Contemplating the lives of the Prophets (may Allah's peace be upon them) and righteous Companions of the Prophet Muhammad

sallallahu alaihi wassallam, how they were content and humble and how keen they were to do righteous deeds. Take them as your

6. Look at those who are worse than you in worldly terms.

"The wise man seeks to benefits from wise opinions; he never despairs or gives up thinking and trying"

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