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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Contentment of the heart

Among the moral virtues, which make a man beloved of the Lord, and raise him, also, in the estimation of the world, and save him from a lot of frustration is contentment. What it denotes, in a nutshell, is that one should rest satisfied with what one has and be not greedy of more. He, indeed, is fortunate who is blessed with a contented heart. There is special favor of Allah on him.

It is related by Abdullah ibn Amr radiallahu anhu that the Messenger of Allah said: “Successful is he who is blessed by Allah with the reality of Islam, and is granted enough provision to sustain life, and Allah, also made him satisfied with it.” (Muslim)

Happy is the man who is blessed with the wealth or Faith and with it he is also has enough worldly goods to meet his needs, and the Almighty has, further favored him with a content heart. Contentment can make even the life of a beggar happier than that of a king.

A person may have heaps of wealth, but if his acquisitive desire is beyond reason and it is ceaselessly urging him on to acquire more, he can never enjoy peace of mind, and will, in face be no better than a beggar. On the contrary, if his worldly possessions are sufficient to keep him going, and he is satisfied with what he has, he is rich at heart in spite of poverty, and his life will be a life of comfort and cheerfulness.

In truth, prosperity and poverty are related more to the heart than to wealth. Prosperity does not come from worldly possessions, but real prosperity is the contentment of the heart.

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