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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our Beloved Nabi (PBUH)

Our Beloved Nabi (PBUH)
by Hafiz Imtiaz Kathrada

Years, Decades, Centuries...time had passed
Young, All, Old...were lost in the past
Vice, Evil, Sin...had spread so fast
A Messenger, Prophet, Saviour...was born at last

Sent as a guidance to mankind
The world's complication did he unwind
Our salvation, his day and night concern
The hereafter being the point of no return

Days, Weeks, Months...years have gone
Piety, Goodness, Devotion...changes have dawn
Peace, Love, Unity...mercy has drawn
Help, Guidance, Direction...a Saviour was born

His heart bore constant remembrance
His actions leading to eternal deliverance
His speech knocked at every heart
His finger split the moon apart

Poverty, Difficulty, Hunger...Patiently did he bear
Just, Righteous, Fair...piety did he wear
Concerned, Worried, Crying...always did he care
Striving, Efforts, Sacrifice...darkness did he tear

Peace, Harmony, Security...marked his presence
Disorder, Chaos, Danger...marks his absence.

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