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Friday, January 27, 2012

What Did I DO TODAY ?

Author: xmuslimahx

Every day and every night

I think about the day, so bright.

Did I do good or did I do bad?

Did I ever make anyone mad?

I think about the deeds I have done,

Did I just spend the day having fun?

Did I do anything to please Allah,

Anything like praying salah?

Did I pray Qur'an or give a helping hand,

To anyone in this humongous land?

Did I do dhikr, remembering my lord?

Or did I just stay sitting, looking out of the window bored?

Good deeds, bad deeds, which did I do today?

Or is the record I have the same everyday?

Did I visit the sick, give them some company?

Or did I only think about me me me?

Maybe I should think, just for a minute or two,

Did I do just one good deed, even if it's nothing new?

Just one good deed to please Allah

To make it my entry to Jannah.

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