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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Islamic Concept Of Beauty

The concept of beauty in Islam began by the beauty of Allah Almighty and His Holy Book Quran then universe that Allah created for Man, who is the also the creation of Allah. Islam considers not only the physical beauty; it also considers inner beauty of heart and soul as the real beauty. Islamic teachings also emphasize on the appearance and beauty but Muslim should not over do and remain balanced.

Balanced living standard according to the norms of Islam also helps to guard the society from unrealistic
expectations of appearance; body size and figure shape and also secure the females from the unethical
practices of society that are being introduced by the western culture. Beauty for Muslim women is
to follow Ahkam-e-Ilahi (rules), they are encouraged to make their appearance appealing for their
husbands by dressing and presenting herself in clean and tidy manner for her husband only.
Islam clearly depicts the image that Muslim women should adopt and to whom she reveals her utter
beauty. The prescribed image that women should follow is to cover all body parts except the face and
hands as modesty (Haya) is the beauty of Muslim women. Hijjab and Abaya are used by the women to
cover her and many trendy and fashionable Abayaz are available. They are very popular especially in
the Arabic countries so that the woman can carry herself nicely and look beautiful while remaining in
the circle of Islamic teachings. By following the teachings of Islam, one can have beautiful and attractive
inner and outer appearance. Women without exposing their body looks more stunning and with full
clothing they appear beautiful as compared to those who reveal them to seduce men.

Many Muslim women do not wear abaya or do Hijab as it is not followed in their families. They are
studying in westernized education systems where such formalities are labeled as fundamentalists. Abaya
or no abaya, the main purpose of wearing it is to hide the body from attracting the men who are not
mehrum or are strangers. Women who do not wear abaya can very wear adequate clothes that are not
too tightly fitted to reveal their body parts. They can either take a chaddar or cover them appropriately
with scarf or dupata. If you observe this deeply it will be very easy to understand that nothing in Islam
is present without a good reason and motive. You can see the women in the western countries who are
suffering great loss due to their exposure to men. The crime rates, rapes and harassment of women are
very high in the developed countries. Islam, the divine religion gave the Islamic code of clothing and
covering your body fourteen hundred years ago to both men and women to keep the society away from
such frustrating behaviors and criminal actions. Women are more respectable and precious so they are
told to treat them as they are. By covering your beautiful body and revealing only to that who is your
lawful husband is a beautiful sophisticated thinking and approach.

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